The Tasting Room

Offering a variety of tastings each month, we hope you will join us for our next event in The Tasting Room. Whether it’s cuisine, wine or whiskey, our friendly staff looks forward to offering you an experience full of new tastes to enjoy. Browse our upcoming events below and reserve your space today!

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*Please note there is a maximum of 25 guests per event. Tickets are non-refundable but easily transferable to another guest

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Send a loved one a gift card for our Tasting Room events. Choose the amount you would like to send and follow the checkout steps.

The recipient will receive the gift card in their inbox, with a unique code that they can enter when purchasing a ticket to one of the Tasting Room events. If they don’t use the full amount, they will be able to apply any leftover balance towards another event.

If you would like to purchase a traditional gift card to be used for dinner or drinks in house, pleaseĀ visit the Gift Card page.

Gift cards to the Restaurant are available at The Sipp

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